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** 21-th November 2007

- "Blogs"category was totally re-built. Now it contains many niche pages for your blogs. Add your blogs using form below.
- New categories for free sites added: Strap-on sex, MILF, Solo girls, Nice asses, Indian. Do not forget to grab link codes here
- Reciprocal link codes updated!

** 24-th December 2006
Link codes updated. Please update your database with a NEW LINKING CODES. Thank you.

General rules for all sites:

  • No illegal porn (CP, Zoo, Rape, Incest), No illegal content, No consoles, No dialers ever, No banner farms.
  • Exploits, viruses on your site or 404 page (even if it is not your exploits or hoster put them) or on sites linked from your site are an INSTANT BAN.
  • Only one submission per webmaster during 23 hours allowed.
  • Webmasters with personal accounts can submit up to 3 sites per day, but from different domains and to the different categories (niches).

Quality requirements for free sites:

  • Do not submit partially-ready and "under construction" sites: broken links, broken images/thumbs. This can frequently cause DECLINE.
    You could check your site for broken links and common errors using our automatic freesite checker before submit. It does understand most free sites with common structure.
  • Your site must be in English.
  • Use directory index as Warning page: index.htm (.html, .php).
  • No free hosts, free emails, sub-domains, IP adresses and redirect services.
  • The content must be on the same domain as the site.
  • No more than 3 banners/links to sponsors (or other sites, including your own resources) on each page. But do not place all of them joined and above "enter button" or links to the galleries.
  • No FPA's AND other LARGE types of ads - enter link and links to the galleries must be easily visible on your site.
  • No missleading links, i.e. thumbnails linked to sponsor, fake "enter" links on your warning page (include banners that says "enter").
  • Do not link site header to the sponsor or any other site.
  • Each site must have title relevant to site content, graphic or text header on each page and must be surfer-friendly in general.
  • No any hidden text on your site, including text in a recips.
  • Quality templates allowed, but only with different titles, description, promo texts, ads and e.t.c. Poor quality and overused template sites may be declined.
  • Sponsors' unclosable or enter popups = your link declined.
  • We reserve the right to decline any site for any reason (including not listed here).

Content restrictions for free sites:

  • Free site must contain minimum 20 pictures (or minimum 6 movies) in at least 2 galleries.
  • Low quality/resolution and small sized pictures are not allowed.
  • No low quality screen caps from movies and "video stills".
  • Censored pics not allowed
  • Photos must be smaller than 200Kb size each.
  • Movie free sites must have 6 video clips minimum and each must be at least 10 seconds in length.
  • No more than 4 galleries and 60 pics and 20 movies in total.

For AVS sites:

  • See rules for Free sites
  • Place the backdoor or password to your protected area in a field bellow the site description. I never public this information. It used to make me sure that your protected area has legal content and this content was not posted earlier here.

For PAY sites:

  • You must be pay site owner to submit your pay site here.
  • Referal links are NOT allowed
  • You don't have to place my recipocal button if you have a partnership program. Submit your url of partnership program. I'll become your partner and place the referral link to your pay site.
  • If you don't have partnership program, the link-back to me is required on your "Links" page.

For Link Lists:

  • We are interested in a good links trade.
  • We can trade links for these pages: directory - directory, index - index, webmasters - webmasters, "thankyou page". Also we are interested in a category pages trades. Details are here

For Blogs:

  • 7-10 posts at least
  • No autogenerated meaningless content

Rules for RECIPROCAL link: ( our reciprocal links codes here )

  • PAY site owners: see rules for pay sites.
  • Our recip must be placed above "enter" button/link on site warning/index page.
  • If our link code corrupt the design of your site, feel free to invent other recipocal link. BUT it should looks good and contains all links.
  • No search boxes and other javascript stuff in the recips of other linklists.
  • You can't include your own links in your recip table. Only real link lists or recources where we can find links from these sites to your free site.
  • Sites which contain any recips with more than 2 links in their code will be declined.
  • The page with our recipocal link and without any other recipocal links will not be listed. This page must be submitted and accepted to at least 5 other established link lists. Do not place our link on the same page with reciprocals of "dead" link lists.
  • Our intelligent bot periodically check submited links and all sites trying to cheat us will be deleted and webmaster will be banned.

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